5 Tips for How to Decrease Your Daily Coffee Consumption

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Do you have love affair with coffee? While it’s known that coffee has its health benefits, too much of a good thing can wreak havoc on your body. In this post, we are talking about the pros and cons of coffee, plus five ways to decrease your daily coffee consumption! I’ll also show you how I drink coffee, the smarter way.

Do you find yourself frequently reaching for a cup of coffee? Here's 5 tips for how to decrease your daily coffee consumption, plus how to drink coffee the smarter (superfood) way! | fitlivingeats.com

I confess. I have a mad love affair with my daily (one, two, three) cup of joe. There’s something about coffee that is incredibly comforting to me: the aroma, the taste and the ritual.

But here’s the honest truth. Coffee doesn’t make me feel good most of the time. It can hurt my stomach and if I don’t time it right with some food, it can leave me feeling weak just a few hours later.

Some people can get away with drinking six cups a day; some people can’t even drink one. Our bodies react to coffee (and all other kinds of foods) in different ways, which is it’s important to listen to your own body and what it needs to feel at its best.

We recently touched on the topic of caffeine in my Institute for Integrative Nutrition program which I found incredibly interested because one, I am a coffee lover, and two, because I had never heard the pros and cons of caffeine consumption laid out so clearly before.

The Pros and Cons of Coffee

Why do you reach for a cup of coffee? Most likely, to give you a boost in energy or concentration, a positive effect of caffeine. Caffeine has also been shown to help athletes exercise for longer durations of time without getting exhausted.

And when it comes to the nutritional components of coffee, I bet you’re not surprised to hear that the coffee bean is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants, which decreases our risks for certain diseases. Pass the coffee pot, please!

Do you find yourself frequently reaching for a cup of coffee? Here's 5 tips for how to decrease your daily coffee consumption, plus how to drink coffee the smarter (superfood) way! | fitlivingeats.com

Now, for the cons. A high dose of caffeine can raise a person’s blood pressure, potentially increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease (long term), as well as cause you to become irritable and restless (short term). Likewise, if your stress level is high, caffeine may only play into your stress levels, not alleviate them.

Adrenal fatigue is a condition being talked about more in health and wellness news, and for a good reason. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands which can lead to a variety of health disorders related to inflammation and fatigue. Maybe this is the reason you’re tired all the time? Just a thought.

If you’re like me and you love your cup of coffee, but know you should probably cut down on the amount, here’s some tips to get you started!

5 Ways to Decrease Your Daily Coffee Consumption

Treat your cup of coffee like a treat. Pick one time throughout the day that you’re going to indulge and stick to it. For me, it’s my morning cup!

Switch to decaf. If you’re not willing to give up (multiple) cups of coffee just yet, try switching to either a ½ and ½ blend, or decaf coffee.

5 tips to decrease your daily coffee consumption | FitLiving Eats

Replace your cup of coffee with some herbal tea or a green juice! Some teas do contain caffeine, but not near the amount of coffee, making it a better alternative. Not a tea drinker? Green juices are full of vitamins and minerals that are quickly absorbed into the blood stream for a quick hit of energy.

Walk it out. When the afternoon slump hits, instead of first reaching for the coffee pot, take a break and go on a mini walk to promote blood flow and increase energy – the natural way.

While I can speak from experience that these are all great tips, there’s one thing in particular that was a game changer in my quest to become smarter about my coffee consumption.

A year ago, I discovered Mushroom Coffee and I was forever changed. You may think I’m being a bit dramatic, but I’m not! I love this stuff and frequently replace my usual cup of coffee with a packet of Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee.

I was given free product by Four Sigmatic Foods in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Why do I love it so much?

A few reasons, but the biggest being that a cup of the mushroom coffee doesn’t leave me feeling weak, shaky or with stomach cramps. This is because the coffee is made with instant Arabica coffee combined with Chaga and Cordyceps Mushroom Powder.

5 tips to decrease your daily coffee consumption | FitLiving Eats

What is Chaga and Cordyceps? Chaga mushrooms work to counterbalance the natural acidity (the cause of stomachaches) found in coffee and is a powerful antioxidant in itself which boosts the immune system. The Cordyceps helps  balance the stimulation from the caffeine to the adrenal glands by providing a more natural source of energy. And get this – cordyceps actually support the adrenal glands.

Remember when we talked about adrenal fatigue as a con to caffeine consumption? It will become a thing of the past after introducing these packets of supercharged, delicious goodness to your daily routine!

The best part is – it tastes, smells and comforts just like a regular cup of coffee.

Want to try some for yourself? Four Sigmatic Foods is offering 15% off any products in their store to all of you! Just enter code “fitlivingeats” at the checkout.

I also received the Chaga Elixir that I now add to my smoothies for an energizing boost, the Hot Cacao with Reishi for an after-dinner treat and the Mushroom Lemonade Mix that I am dying to try in the sample box given to me by Four Sigmatic Foods! I’m thinking a glass of coconut water with the lemonade mix would be the perfect way to cool off after being in the blazing summer heat! Who’s with me?

Have you ever heard of these superfood mushrooms before? Are you a coffee lover like me? Share with me in the comments below!

Happy Sipping,

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