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A catalyst for transformation: Relational accountability

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My dad is a very wise man. He is known in our family for having a metaphor for almost every circumstance in life and is always challenging us to a “deeper meaning” through life lessons. In true dad-form, he gave me a ring of cards filled with such “life lessons” as I was headed off to college, knowing I would soon be faced with a new realm of decisions and challenges. Learn more about relational accountability as it relates to your journey towards FitLiving, here.

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Finding Accountability through Man’s Best Friend

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When my husband and I got married and bought a house, a puppy was on the top of my want list, and a boat was on his. But neither one of us really, truly wanted each other’s must-have. So about a month ago, we came to a compromise – he could get a boat (within a certain budget) and I could get a dog, and he would help me take care of it. It was a win-win, right? Learn how I found an accountability partner through man’s best friend, here.

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