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A catalyst for transformation: Relational accountability

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My dad is a very wise man. He is known in our family for having a metaphor for almost every circumstance in life and is always challenging us to a “deeper meaning” through life lessons. In true dad-form, he gave me a ring of cards filled with such “life lessons” as I was headed off to college, knowing I would soon be faced with a new realm of decisions and challenges. Learn more about relational accountability as it relates to your journey towards FitLiving, here.

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Myth: Women who lift weights are at risk for gaining too much bulk

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False. How do I know? Because I have incorporated strength training with weights into my fitness routine on a consistent basis since I was in high school, and I look far from your average body builder. Well that, and the fact that there are many research studies and health recommendations that encourage women to supplement aerobic activity with strength training. Learn more about the benefits of strength training, here.

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