The Evolution of FitLiving Eats + A Tour Around the New Space!


Welcome to the new FitLiving Eats! It’s a been a while, I know. While I certainly wasn’t sure of what this journey would look like as I stepped out into the unknown to pursue my career passion, no one could’ve prepared me for the amount of change, growth and as a result, perseverance needed when starting a new business and being all in. But, I’m back and FitLiving Eats got a makeover in the process!

But first, if you’re new around here, I invite you to learn more about who I am and what inspires my passion for health and wellness, here! Did you see my “day in the life” video on the home page? Nothing like getting up close and personal for a little behind-the-scenes glimpse!

Why the change in the space?

The past year has been a time of tremendous growth both in what I envisioned for FitLiving Eats and my health coaching businesses. While I knew what I love to do and saw how I could turn this into a career, I didn’t know exactly what it would look like until recently. As I’ve grown, I needed an online space that grew with me. Hence, the brand new look!


But this space isn’t just about me. It’s about you, too. The thing I love most about the path I’ve taken in becoming a health coach is that I get to work with individuals and groups from a holistic perspective when it comes to health. We not only look at the foods on their plate, but all of the other lifestyle factors of wellness, including: physical activity, emotional wellbeing, goal setting and lifestyle patterns that can lead to greater health and happiness. It’s a unique approach, and I wanted to be able to share this holistic view of health in this space, too.


This space reflects me as a health coach, and not just a food blogger. It’s an exciting new beginning that mirrors the strides I am making in creating and building my business, both locally and online. I will not only be creating yummy, healthy recipes for the busy person on-the-go, but I want to do a better job of providing you holistic wellness tips and inspiration that goes beyond your plate.

A Quick Tour

If you are looking to…

Incorporate more home-cooked foods into your lifestyle, then click on the “Cook Clean” navigation tab to explore the many delicious recipes available to you.


Save time and money in the kitchen, then check out my Meal Prep for Success Plan available for download! This plan provides you tips for prep success, a menu plan, prep plan and over 20 prep-worthy recipes to get you started.

Make healthy living part of your daily life, then I invite you to check out the Wellness Shop (a brand new feature to FitLiving Eats!). This shop includes everything from resources to be able to shop for healthy foods, my favorite kitchen tools to be able to shop healthy, foods and products to help kick your superfood status up a notch, and services and tools to jumpstart your journey towards increased wellness.


Better understand how to reach your specific health goals, check out the programs I offer and schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me! If you are local to the Orlando, FL area, I also provide a range of on-hands educational services such as a pantry makeover and healthy grocery store tour! I will also be hosting monthly small-group cooking classes fit for anyone looking to make healthy changes in the kitchen. You can see the upcoming dates and menus here, and subscribe to the local email list to stay up-to-date!


Looking to take the first step towards a healthier way of living, get my FREE FitLiving Eats Jumpstart Guide and 3-Day re{Set} Meal Plan by subscribing to the FitLiving Eats newsletter, here! You will also get recent recipes and wellness inspiration sent to your inbox weekly. To learn more about what this free guide has to offer, click here.

There’s still more to come! We will be celebrating all week long!

There’s been several exciting things happening behind scenes over here, so I thought we would just make this week a week of celebrations. Sound good? Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come this week:

Tuesday: An in-depth view of Meal Prep for Success via my first-ever VIDEO LESSON! Want to get in on the action now? Click here to view the short course and subscribe for $0.99/month for the first three months. Oh, hello holiday crafting, photography tutorials and fashion how-tos.


Wednesday: A recap of my latest (and first ever) cooking class and what’s in store for the holiday season. I’ll be sharing the cooking class lineup through the rest of the year!

Thursday: A new recipe to celebrate the fall season: Butternut Squash Chili (also featured in the FitLiving Eats Jumpstart Guide + re{Set} Meal Plan).

Friday: A GIVEAWAY!! To wrap up the fun week, I’m going to do a giveaway of some of my favorite superfood items from the wellness shop. Stay tuned to enter!

So tell me. How can I help you as we enter into the holiday season? What do you struggle with most when it comes to your health and wellness?



“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell

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  • Great site! I followed you on Pinterest. I checked out your “cook clean” tab and I am going to have try a bunch of your recipes…to start I am going to try the avocado hummus. (never would have thought of that combo).