winter workout routine

How to Create a Fun, Yet Effective Winter Workout Routine

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Struggling to find a winter workout routine that gets you up and motivated to stay active? Here are three simple steps to finding a routine that you will love!  Hi,…

Have you struggled in your journey towards healthier living? Learn how relational accountability can be the key to success by clicking through! #fitness #health

A catalyst for transformation: Relational accountability

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My dad is a very wise man. He is known in our family for having a metaphor for almost every circumstance in life and is always challenging us to a “deeper meaning” through life lessons. In true dad-form, he gave me a ring of cards filled with such “life lessons” as I was headed off to college, knowing I would soon be faced with a new realm of decisions and challenges. Learn more about relational accountability as it relates to your journey towards FitLiving, here.

holiday gift guide for fitness lovers

A FitLiving Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

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Need a little gift inspiration for the fitness enthusiast in your life? I’ve got you covered with a holiday gift guide to all things fitness below! Raise your hand if…

benefits of aerobic exercise

This Type of Exercise Could Add Years to Your Life

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Did you know that a 10-minute workout could add years to your life? A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that even small amounts of high-intensity exercise could add years to your life expectancy, despite gender, current BMI (Body Mass Index), or pre-existing cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Learn more, here.

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program 2016

Guest Post: Get to Know Jill Conyers in this Q&A + BIG Announcement

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Get to know Jill in this fun and informative Q&A below! Make sure you read it until the end to see our super exciting announcement that we know you are…

TKO jump rope product review

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Cardio Routine

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Cardio. What thought goes through your mind when you hear that word? We all know that cardio is important for our overall health, yet many of us drag our feet…


Myth: Women who lift weights are at risk for gaining too much bulk

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False. How do I know? Because I have incorporated strength training with weights into my fitness routine on a consistent basis since I was in high school, and I look far from your average body builder. Well that, and the fact that there are many research studies and health recommendations that encourage women to supplement aerobic activity with strength training. Learn more about the benefits of strength training, here.


Understanding Knee Pain and Putting a Stop to it

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Written by Sami Fait Raise your hand if you have knee problems! If you raised your hand, this blog is definitely going to benefit you. If you don’t, great –…

why-i-run-featured 2

Why I run: Some Monday motivation

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Friends, I have a confession to make. I was supposed to start half marathon training last week and I didn’t run once. Truth is, my days were long and busy,…

three favorite things that have helped me in my journey towards healthier living

Friday Favorites: 3 Things I’m Loving in my Pursuit of Healthy Living

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It’s my birthday tomorrow, so how about we celebrate with a little edition of Friday favorites? This past year, I have been focused on changing my daily habits as I…

The one core exercise you must be doing- planks - Hello to Fit

The one core exercise you must be doing: Planks

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I am so excited to welcome Jess, from Hello to Fit, to the FitLiving blog! In her guest post, she talks about the benefits of the plank exercise and shows…

tips for starting a new fitness program

You have committed to making fitness a priority. Now what?

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Whether it is your first race, a new fitness program, or you’ve simply committed to being more active each day, congratulations! Making the decision to prioritize fitness is the first…


Is soreness a sign of a successful workout?

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I have a confession to make. I like to feel sore after my workouts. To me, soreness has always been a sign of a good, productive workout. If I or someone I have trained is sore, then it means I’ve done my job well. Or does it? A recent article in the Huffington Post debunked the myths surrounding muscle soreness, muscle growth and muscle damage. After doing some research, my “no pain, no gain” perspective has shifted and there’s some good news for those who loathe muscle soreness!


See 100 Years of Women’s Fitness Trends in 100 Seconds

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Just for fun and in time for #TBT, I thought I would share a little throwback video with you! 100 years of fitness trends in 100 seconds – need I say more? Watch the video and share your fitness memories with me, here! 


Why Runners (and Those Who Engage in Regular Activity) Can’t Eat Whatever They Want

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How many times have you heard someone say, “I __________ so I can eat?” I’ve heard it numerous times, and I’ve even seen this infamous slogan on t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, you name it. I admit – I’m even guilty of believing it, too. When I was in high school, I would stop by 7-eleven most afternoons after cross country practice and get a Cuban sandwich on the way home (what can I say, they were delightful!). I know I’m not the only one. Many people use the day’s run, spin class, or exercise class as an excuse to indulge in a luscious piece of moist chocolate cake, an extra glass of wine, or the choice of Alfredo sauce over a light tomato sauce. Learn more, here.