Guest Post: Get to Know Jill Conyers in this Q&A + BIG Announcement

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program 2016

Interview with Jill ConyersGet to know Jill in this fun and informative Q&A below! Make sure you read it until the end to see our super exciting announcement that we know you are going to love.

Today, I’m so excited to be welcoming Jill Conyers to the blog! She has been such an inspiration to me as she balances work, a family and blogging and is a rockstar at it all. Have you seen the amazing workouts on her blog?! I want to try them all. Especially the Life is Good Circuit Workout and the Energize Circuit Workout – can you tell I love circuit training? Jill is full of knowledge and is a great resource for all things health and fitness. Wondering how to run faster? She’s got you covered. I’m always curious about how many repetitions I should actually be doing and Jill answers my burning questions here. I could probably write an entire post on how great Jill is, so I’ll let her take it from here.

Hi, I’m so excited to be here. Thank you Carly.

I’m a wife, mom of 2 and psychologist. I’m also the writer, photographer, food stylist, recipe creator and blogger behind Jill Conyers | Fitness Health and Happiness. I’m a certified personal trainer (and soon to be yoga instructor) who is passionate about whole living, finding balance and empowering others to be their healthiest happiest selves.

Fitness health and happiness is the tagline of your blog. What is the significance of that?

That has been the tagline for my blog for several years. Now I’m not even sure how or why I chose it, but I’m a big believer in things happen for a reason. Until about a year ago I didn’t realize the significance of FITNESS HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. When I found a true balance of fitness, health and happiness I started living MY best life. And I have to tell you, it feels MORE amazing than I could have ever imagined.

Interview with Jill Conyers

What was your game changing moment?

My first thought of game changing moments were realizing health and fitness are a passion and when I ran my first ultramarathon, but looking back that’s not what I recall as THE game changing moment. My game changing moment was when I stopped going to extremes with, well, basically everything. It was exhausting, unhealthy and unsustainable. The game changing moment began with a journey to recover from an eating disorder and in the process finding a whole side of who I am that I didn’t even know existed.

You’ve got 24 hours in a day. What does a typical day look like from when you get up to when you go to sleep?

3:30 Wake up, 10 minute yoga sequence/stretch and lemon water (it takes something major to miss this part of my morning routine)
3:45 Computer/blogging time
5:30 Get ready for work
7:00-3:00 Work including a breakfast of smoothie or overnight oats in the office when I arrive and lunch at 1 with a 10 minute walk to clear my head and reset for the rest of the work day.
3:45 Home and 1 hour with my daughter just talking about the day.
5:00 Workout/Yoga
6:00 Dinner with my husband and daughter
7:00 Computer time
8:00 Watch 2 reruns of Big Bang Theory and/or Modern Family with my husband and daughter (end the day with a laugh)
9:00 Bedtime

Interview with Jill Conyers

How do you create joy and happiness in your life?

I align my actions and priorities with my beliefs, do the things I love and believe in myself. Those 3 ideas encompass everything in life that are most important to me.

If you had to choose what would be your top 3 can’t live without foods?

Since they’re the staple of my diet can we just say fruits and veggies are a given? Good. In that case, my can’t live without foods are easily nutbutter, a variety of bean pastas and oatmeal.

Any tips or advice you can give our readers just starting on their health and fitness journey?

Avoid extremes. Find a balance of the things you love that nurture your body and mind. Don’t make decisions out of fear. Always dream big and be willing to do the work to make those dreams come true. And, I would probably also add, do yoga.

Your ultimate smoothie – are you green or purple kinda person?

Love green goodness in a glass. It’s not spring right now, but this is an all time favorite recipe, Flavors of Spring Green Smoothie.

The current book on your bedside table.

I joined a book club at the yoga studio I’m a member of and this month we’re reading Brene Brown’s I Thought It Was Just Me. I’ve read it before, but this time I’m reading it with a very different perspective. As you can see here, I have a thing for Brene Brown books.

Interview with Jill Conyers

What is your favorite way to clear your mind and get your sweat on?

My favorite workout depends on my mood and what my body needs. For sure it will be either running, a HIIT or circuit  workout or hot yoga.

Favorite activewear?

Without a doubt, yoga pants. If I had to pick just one brand (happy that I don’t have to), I love everything about Athleta yoga pants. I’m loving all the colors and patterns.

The one quote you always find yourself reading.

Living your best life and feeling better than ever begins with believing in yourself.

-Jill Conyers

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Thanks, Jill!

Announcement Time!

Alright, on to the super exciting announcement! Not only am I thrilled to feature Jill on the blog today, but I’m even more excited to let you in on a secret we’ve both been holding on to for a while now. We are so excited we can hardly stand it! Have you picked up on my little teasers here and there these past few months?

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program 2016

Jill and I have joined forces and will be launching an exclusive 21-Day Healthy Living Jumpstart Program in January 2016! Cue the horns and balloons because it’s a party over here! We are so excited and can’t wait to share with you all of the amazing workout plans, recipes, success printables and other resources to help give you the tools and support you need to give your body, mind and life a healthy jumpstart in the New Year. Born out of our passion for health and fitness, we want to help others see that healthy living can be an amazing journey that can transform you into your best healthy self, and we will be doing the program right along side all of you.

We will also be offering a FREE Healthy Living Jumpstart Week to help all of us recover from the Thanksgiving “stuffing” and reboot for the holidays starting on December 5th to give you a taste of what’s to come in January! Cue more party horns, please.

Want to learn more about this comprehensive program and the freebie week?

Visit the Healthy Living Jumpstart 2016 Page Here! 

Have you already started planning for 2016? What were some of your goals for 2015 and did you accomplish them?


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