A FitLiving Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

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holiday gift guide for fitness lovers

Need a little gift inspiration for the fitness enthusiast in your life? I’ve got you covered with a holiday gift guide to all things fitness below!

holiday gift guide for fitness lovers

Raise your hand if you’re a fitness enthusiast or you’ve been tasked with shopping for one this holiday season! Okay I can’t actually see you raising your hand, but chances are, if you’re reading this then you fall into one of the two categories.

I had so much fun putting together the Holiday Gift Guide for the Healthy Foodie that I thought, why not put together one for the other love in my life? Fitness! With the start of the new year and new goals, we could all use a little extra motivation in the physical activity department and sometimes, a new pair of yoga pants or a swanky water bottle will do just that.

I like to think these particular gifts have a deeper meaning than just the tactical item. For many of us, our fitness journey is successful because of the support and encouragement of our loved ones. It takes a lot of willpower and diligence to set aside time every day to devote to being active so that we can be the healthiest we can be to be a better spouse, parent or friend. Why not include a little note with your fitness-inspired gift to say how proud you are of that person or give an encouraging thought?

I’ll leave the note up to you, but as far as what gift to give the fitness enthusiast in your life, I’ve got you covered!

My top 10 Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast

holiday fitness guide

Lululemon Crops. I have a pair of these mesh crop pants and they are one of my favorite crops to wear to the gym or on a run. The fabric is so lightweight it feels like you’re not wearing anything, yet holds everything in all the right places. While they are a (small) investment, I have found that Lululemon clothing lasts forever and the pants can make anyone’s butt look good. Win!

Reebok Training Shoes. My husband got me a pair of Reebok training shoes a few years back because I loved the purple color (it’s all about how you look in them, right?). But they quickly turned into my favorite pair for training in the gym and although I know it’s time to move on, I just can’t part ways! They are super light weight and fit my foot like a glove, which is hard to come by in a shoe. I’m thinking these new ones from Reebok might be a good replacement.

Cutout Tanks. Working at the bar studio, I see so many women come in with the cutest outfits on! If there’s one thing I don’t have in my fitness wardrobe yet that I’m dying to try (that would totally get me out of my comfort zone) is cutout tanks. They look so comfortable as they give your body the freedom to move and breathe, yet are fashionable, too! I love this one from Lululemon and this one from Fabletics. Did you know you can get your first Fabletics outfit for $25? Sign up here!

holiday fitness gift guide

Water Bottle. I always have a water bottle to carry with me when I’m on the go to help me reach my water intake goals for the day. I love how the Swell bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. But really, I love these water bottles because of the fun colors and designs! If it looks pretty, I’ll be motivated to drink more water throughout the day, right? I love this Swell bottle with the hearts print or this BKR® bottle that has endless color choices!

Stocking Stuffer Goodies. Every year, we are bound to get some type of food or perishable item in our stocking. Usually, my stocking is stuffed with packs of gum and gourmet oils or spreads. My husband’s on the other hand, is packed with trail mix and energy bars to satisfy the inner snack machine in him! Some of my favorite bars to stock his stuffing with are: KIND bars, Amrita bars, Larabars, and PRO bars (for when he gets really hungry!). Truth be told, these are all bars I like, too, and might sneak one for myself from time to time.

Activity Tracker. I don’t have one of these (yet) but ever since the FitBit became all the range, I’ve been eyeing one of my own. Even though I think I’m fairly active most days, the numbers don’t lie, right? These are a great tool for someone who is on a weight loss journey or who’s goals are to become healthier in 2016! I have heard great things about the FitBit Flex and the UP2 by Jawbone.

holiday gift guide for fitness lovers

Resistance Bands. Growing up, my dad always had a pair of resistance bands in the house and I would frequently walk in my parents’ room to find him doing bicep curls with them. While I thought it was ridiculous at the time, I now am wishing I had a set of my own! Resistance bands are a great fitness tool to have at home because they take up very little storage space and you can get a complete workout in, from head to toe. They are also easy to pack in a suitcase for a workout on the go! I am eyeing this set from Black Mountain Products this year.

FitDeck. I was first introduced to FitDeck in college and found they were great to have on hand when you either aren’t motivated to do a full workout or are traveling. I mentioned these cards to my juice team the other day and we decided that we are all going to pick a card when we start our shift and do whatever exercise is on that card to start the day in a healthy way! Make exercise fun by placing these cards in a high-traffic area of your home and challenge yourself and your family to complete one exercise each time they walk by.

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program. Have you thought about your 2016 goals, yet? For many of us, these goals include getting back on the healthy track after holiday festivities or adopting healthier lifestyle habits that maybe we never have before. Why not give the gift of health by signing up a loved one for Healthy Living Jumpstart 2016? I may be biased, but I believe this program will help those who need a complete lifestyle overhaul or just need a little healthy reset jumpstart their goals and stick to them in the new year! The program is a 3-week live program that will include over 40 healthy recipes, workout plans with an exercise index, online accountability group and more! Learn more about the program and sign up here.

Classes to a local fitness studio. Looking to switch up your workout or tired of your significant other complaining that exercise is boring? Shake things up and try something new by giving a gift card or class package to your loved one that may be stuck in a fitness rut! Some of my favorite fitness studios in the Orlando area include: The Bar Method Winter Park, Elevate Yoga Center (remember that time I tried aerial yoga?!) and although I am so not a fan of their customer service, Orange Theory provides an awesome, heart-pumping workout that many of my friends love.

Check out this holiday gift guide for #fitness enthusiasts by clicking through!

Happy Holidays and cheers to a healthy 2016!

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