The Evolution of FitLiving Eats + A Tour Around the New Space!

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Welcome to the new FitLiving Eats! It’s a been a while, I know. While I certainly wasn’t sure of what this journey would look like as I stepped out into…


Four Ways to Get that Healthy Summer Glow all Year Long

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In my most recent contributor post for Best Kept Self, I touched on four simple ways to get that healthy summer glow all year long! Even though summer is coming…


What story do YOU tell yourself when it comes to health?

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I recently contributed an article on Best Kept Self titled, What story do YOU tell yourself when it comes to health? This post was all about laying the framework for…

mason jar salads

Welcome to FitLiving Eats!

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Hi Friends! Welcome to FitLiving Eats! If you’ve been following along on social media, than you know I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time coming. After many…

trader joes list featured

5 Favorites from Trader Joe’s for a Healthy Grocery Haul

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 20 Comments

When I heard there was a Trader Joe’s coming near me, I jumped for joy. Now that it’s been here a little while, I’m sharing five of my favorite pit…

juice cleanse experience

I Did a Juice Cleanse and This is What Happened…

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Have you ever participated in a juice cleanse before? Known to help give your digestive system a break to recharge and remove unwanted toxins from your body, juice cleanses have…

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Tips for Shopping on a Budget at Whole Foods + Giveaway

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Does the thought of shopping at Whole Foods make your palms sweat because you are afraid you might walk away with an astronomically large grocery bill? Check out my tips…

how to crush your goals

How to Crush Your 2016 Goals by Creating an Affirmation Statement, First

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It’s the new year, which means it’s time to dream of new goals and steps for how to achieve them. Want to know the real secret to crushing your 2016…

Have you struggled in your journey towards healthier living? Learn how relational accountability can be the key to success by clicking through! #fitness #health

A catalyst for transformation: Relational accountability

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My dad is a very wise man. He is known in our family for having a metaphor for almost every circumstance in life and is always challenging us to a “deeper meaning” through life lessons. In true dad-form, he gave me a ring of cards filled with such “life lessons” as I was headed off to college, knowing I would soon be faced with a new realm of decisions and challenges. Learn more about relational accountability as it relates to your journey towards FitLiving, here.

holiday gift guide

A FitLiving Holiday Gift Guide for the Healthy Foodie

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Do you have a healthy foodie in your family and you aren’t quite sure what to get her? Look no further! I have 10 must-have items for every food lover…


The Secret to Greater Happiness Is…

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Are there times that you feel like the world is working against you and nothing seems to be working out the way you wanted it to? While sometimes, we can’t…

how to stay healthy through the holidays

9 Ways to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

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The holidays can be a busy time of the year filled with cocktail parties, nights out with friends and family gatherings. Just because your schedule seems a little more “full”…

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program 2016

Guest Post: Get to Know Jill Conyers in this Q&A + BIG Announcement

| Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 50 Comments

Get to know Jill in this fun and informative Q&A below! Make sure you read it until the end to see our super exciting announcement that we know you are…

paleo chicken sandwich

{Guest Post} My Journey to Living a Paleo Lifestyle: Everyday Grace

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 43 Comments

Good morning FitLiving readers! My name is Kristen and I blog over at Everyday Grace where you can find posts about my life in Denver, delicious recipes and all things in…

travel guide to west hollywood, ca

FitLiving Travels to LA: A healthy guide to West Hollywood

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Workout | 50 Comments

If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would it be? I have a lot of places on my bucket list, one of them being Los Angeles. Every…

What to pack for a healthy vacation // outfit inspiration and carry on essentials #traveling #vacation

What’s in my bag: Packing for a healthy vacation

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Have you ever found yourself the night before a trip sitting in front of your closet wondering what to pack? This is a scenario I am all too familiar with!…


Understanding Knee Pain and Putting a Stop to it

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Written by Sami Fait Raise your hand if you have knee problems! If you raised your hand, this blog is definitely going to benefit you. If you don’t, great –…

why-i-run-featured 2

Why I run: Some Monday motivation

| Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, My Journey | 68 Comments

Friends, I have a confession to make. I was supposed to start half marathon training last week and I didn’t run once. Truth is, my days were long and busy,…

three favorite things that have helped me in my journey towards healthier living

Friday Favorites: 3 Things I’m Loving in my Pursuit of Healthy Living

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It’s my birthday tomorrow, so how about we celebrate with a little edition of Friday favorites? This past year, I have been focused on changing my daily habits as I…

featured image-FitLiving

How to Practice Mindfulness in the Midst of Chaos

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Hi Friends! Today I’m guest posting for Jess over at Hello to Fit on how to practice mindfulness in the midst of chaos. With summer coming to a close before…


Seven Guidelines for Clean Eating

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You’ve heard me throw around the phrase “clean eating” a few times. So, what exactly is clean eating? And is it just another diet that will leave me feeling like a failure because I can’t keep up with the “rules” and restrictions? Learn what clean eating is and is not, plus seven guidelines to follow in your pursuit towards clean eating, here. 

balance bar featured image

4 Ways to Find a Healthy Life Balance + Balance Bar Giveaway

| Healthy Lifestyle | 116 Comments

Disclosure: As a Balance Bar Insider, I received a gift card to buy Balance bare bars. All opinions are my own. Between work, family, social commitments, and everything in between,…


The Number on the Scale Does not Define You

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I recently ran across an article titled “5 things the scale won’t tell you” that I think should be plastered on every gym and fitness boutique wall, and every mirror in the women’s bathrooms to serve as a reminder that the scale is not the ultimate measure of health. I can’t tell you how many times as a personal trainer I heard complaints that clients were not seeing the results they wanted purely based upon the number of the scale. Here’s the thing – the scale is just one tool of many used to document a person’s weight loss journey or overall health. Yet, many of us look to the scale as the ultimate authority. Read more, here.


How to Get That Healthy Summer Glow All Year Long

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Hi Friends! Today I am guest posting for Sami over at BeMindfulYoureCreative on how to get that healthy summer glow all year long. Have you ever heard that saying, “You are…

essential kitchen tools

5 Essential Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes | 89 Comments

It’s no secret that I love to cook. I am known among friends and family to be somewhat of a “healthy foodie” because of my love for experimenting in the…

How to wake up earlier: Join the challenge!

How to Make the Most of Your Morning Routine

| Accountability, Healthy Lifestyle, My Journey | 56 Comments

I have a confession to make. I often feel like I am running out of time at the end of the day to get everything done. (Which might be why…

tips for starting a new fitness program

You have committed to making fitness a priority. Now what?

| Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle | 54 Comments

Whether it is your first race, a new fitness program, or you’ve simply committed to being more active each day, congratulations! Making the decision to prioritize fitness is the first…

how to increase productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity + Add Hours to Your Day

| Healthy Lifestyle | 97 Comments

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? I don’t know about you, but I consider myself a very productive and efficient person. If I’m being…

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What makes you feel more alive?

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In today’s world, it can be difficult to find the things that restore our energy, as we spend most of our time just trying to “fit it all in” to keep up with the many demands that life puts on us. This rat race that we find ourselves in can leave us feeling depleted and worn out. Knowing this is true, there’s no better time than now to pursue the things that give us a renewed zest for life.


Remembering what I’m Grateful for on Father’s Day

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Remember when we talked about how our attitude helps shape our perspective on life and can lead us towards greater happiness? Research (and my personal experience) shows that practicing gratitude is a huge component of having a positive attitude. In Shawn Achor’s TED Talk on positivity, one of his five tips was to write down three things you are grateful for each day. By doing this, the lens in which we view our circumstances becomes one of positivity, first. Read about three things I’m grateful for, here.


4 Delicious and Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes You’ll Love

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With summer in full-force and temps at an all-time high, my blender is always out and ready to whip up a smoothie on a moments notice. Smoothie bowls have become all the rage among health enthusiasts because they are simple to make and a sure way to get a variety of nutrients in every, errr, slurp. There’s just something about eating a smoothie from a bowl that is even more satisfying and delicious than the traditional cup and straw. I’ve rounded up four of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes for you to try. See the recipes, here. 


Blueberry Picking at Spring Valley Farms for a Good Cause

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What better way to stock up on blueberries than by picking them off the bush yourself one-by-one (or by the handful)? Blueberry season is coming to a close here in Florida, and I was invited to participate in a blueberry gleaning fundraiser at Spring Valley Farms this past weekend. Chuck and Vesna Allison, the owners of Spring Valley Farms, host an annual charity u-pick event that benefits the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA). The Allisons are Central Florida blueberry farmers who provide their produce to Wish Farms, a supplier to national grocery stores. Learn more about my blueberry picking experience, here! 

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How Choosing a Positive Attitude can Move You Towards Greater Happiness

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Have you ever felt that the world is out to get you? That the things that are out of your control are testing you in a way that makes you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and giving up? I know I have felt this way, and chances are, you have too. Maybe it’s a bad day, or maybe it’s a season of life. But what if the secret to greater happiness was something you could control? I’m talking about your attitude. Read more, here.


FitLiving Guide to Entertaining: Brunch Menu

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It’s springtime, which means one thing – brunch. It’s a favorite pastime of mine on the weekends, and I know I’m not alone! It’s a great way to get together with friends and family and enjoy a (cheaper) meal together while catching up on the week’s events and other shenanigans. Brunch is also one of my favorite meals to host. See the recent brunch menu I put together, plus recipes, here!


Taking a Time Out to be Present and Enjoy the Little Moments

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You may have noticed it’s been over two months since my last blog post… two months! Where did the time go?! Truth is, life got busy and instead of pressuring myself to get blog posts done to keep up with the momentum (and you know, since I do this for fun), I decided to take a little hiatus. Turns out, I needed a break more than I knew. Read more, here.


Why Runners (and Those Who Engage in Regular Activity) Can’t Eat Whatever They Want

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How many times have you heard someone say, “I __________ so I can eat?” I’ve heard it numerous times, and I’ve even seen this infamous slogan on t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, you name it. I admit – I’m even guilty of believing it, too. When I was in high school, I would stop by 7-eleven most afternoons after cross country practice and get a Cuban sandwich on the way home (what can I say, they were delightful!). I know I’m not the only one. Many people use the day’s run, spin class, or exercise class as an excuse to indulge in a luscious piece of moist chocolate cake, an extra glass of wine, or the choice of Alfredo sauce over a light tomato sauce. Learn more, here.

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Tips to Get You Movin’ Throughout the Day

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I admit it. Working a desk job for the last few years has been hard for me. I am not naturally conditioned to being behind a desk for most of the day (in fact, I don’t think most of us are), and would much rather be outside or moving around, which is why I loved being a personal trainer in college. I am convinced that fluorescent lighting (and lack of natural light) is detrimental to my health, and sometimes, even my productivity level. But if I think about my job in its entirety, the whole desk thing is a small trade-off for being able to do what I have grown to love over the years. See these tips to help you move throughout the day, here.