Four Ways to Get that Healthy Summer Glow all Year Long

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In my most recent contributor post for Best Kept Self, I touched on four simple ways to get that healthy summer glow all year long! Even though summer is coming…


How to save time and money in the kitchen: Meal Prep 101 + Giveaway!

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Are you a fan of meal prepping or does it intimidate you? Those who are on board the meal prepping train knows that it can save time and money in…


5 Tips for How to Decrease Your Daily Coffee Consumption

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Do you have love affair with coffee? While it’s known that coffee has its health benefits, too much of a good thing can wreak havoc on your body. In this…


The secret superfruit of the tropics: Papaya + A Giveaway!

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Have you ever been on a tropical getaway and found that papaya was a regular appearance on fruit trays and breakfast buffets? This “super fruit” of the tropics is loaded…


How to Assemble the Perfect Power Bowl + 5 Must Try Dressings

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Are you a fan of the infamous power bowl? This one-bowl meal is a delicious way to get a variety of nutrients and flavors in your diet in a simple…

spring clean pantry feature

Spring Clean Your Pantry: 6 Steps for a Healthy Makeover

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You know that feeling when you finish a deep spring household cleaning? It’s hard work and can be time consuming, but is so rewarding when you’re finished! In this post,…

bean meatballs

A Guide to Plant-Based Living: Protein 101

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Concerned you’re not going to get enough protein when following a plant-based lifestyle? In this post, we will uncover some of the most popular (and best) sources of plant-based protein…

mason jar salads

Welcome to FitLiving Eats!

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Hi Friends! Welcome to FitLiving Eats! If you’ve been following along on social media, than you know I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time coming. After many…

trader joes list featured

5 Favorites from Trader Joe’s for a Healthy Grocery Haul

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When I heard there was a Trader Joe’s coming near me, I jumped for joy. Now that it’s been here a little while, I’m sharing five of my favorite pit…

whole grains featured

The 6 Superfood Grains You Should Be Eating + A Recipe Roundup!

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Do you remember the low-carb craze? Funny to think that carbs were once “banned” as healthy foods and now some are considered a superfood! Get the lowdown on the six…

juice cleanse experience

I Did a Juice Cleanse and This is What Happened…

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Have you ever participated in a juice cleanse before? Known to help give your digestive system a break to recharge and remove unwanted toxins from your body, juice cleanses have…

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Tips for Shopping on a Budget at Whole Foods + Giveaway

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Does the thought of shopping at Whole Foods make your palms sweat because you are afraid you might walk away with an astronomically large grocery bill? Check out my tips…

roasted carrot and butternut squash soup featured 2

Detoxifying Roasted Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup

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Are you looking to incorporate more simple, clean foods into your diet? Soothe your body with this warming and detoxifying roasted carrot and butternut squash soup recipe! With the start…

whole30 program review

Why I Realized Whole30 Wasn’t For Me

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Why Whole30? I’ll admit – I definitely indulged a little more than I would have liked to over the holidays. With an array of sweets and treats at my disposal and wining and dining through the holiday season, a reboot of my diet in the New Year was just what I needed. I wanted to get back to clean eating and be pushed past my healthy foods comfort zone by experimenting with different food combinations and preparation methods. Learn why I decided not to do Whole30, here. 

holiday gift guide

A FitLiving Holiday Gift Guide for the Healthy Foodie

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Do you have a healthy foodie in your family and you aren’t quite sure what to get her? Look no further! I have 10 must-have items for every food lover…

Healthy Living Jumpstart Program 2016

Guest Post: Get to Know Jill Conyers in this Q&A + BIG Announcement

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Get to know Jill in this fun and informative Q&A below! Make sure you read it until the end to see our super exciting announcement that we know you are…

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6 Superfood Ingredients to Kick Your Smoothie Up a Notch

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Smoothies are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. But did you know there are some powerful ingredients to kick your smoothie up a notch?…

kale leaves

5 Health Benefits of Consuming a Plant-Based Diet

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Have you considered incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet? We are talking about the five health benefits of consuming a plant-based diet and tips for making the transition! Chances…

why I chose Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Why I Chose The Institute for Integrative Nutrition + Taking a Big Leap of Faith

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It’s happening. If you have been following me on Instagram this past month or so, you may or may not have picked up on my little clues here and there….

tips for healthy snacking

How to Indulge in Smart Snacking + Healthy Snack Ideas

| Nutrition | 112 Comments

Did you know that snacking could be a part of a healthy diet, as long as you indulge in moderation and make healthy choices? I don’t know about you, but I find that I often need a boost in energy and something to tie me over in between meals, especially between lunch and dinner. Otherwise, I become hangry. You know what I’m talking about, right? That feeling when you are so ravenously hungry that you can’t think straight, are weak in the knees, and are a ticking time bomb of anger and frustration if you don’t get food in your system ASAP. Learn more about smart snacking, here.

paleo chicken sandwich

{Guest Post} My Journey to Living a Paleo Lifestyle: Everyday Grace

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Good morning FitLiving readers! My name is Kristen and I blog over at Everyday Grace where you can find posts about my life in Denver, delicious recipes and all things in…


Friday Five: My Favorite Superfood Products

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Are you adventurous in the kitchen? I have always enjoyed cooking and trying out new recipes or flavor combinations. My friends and family refer to me as a “healthy foodie”…

travel guide to west hollywood, ca

FitLiving Travels to LA: A healthy guide to West Hollywood

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If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would it be? I have a lot of places on my bucket list, one of them being Los Angeles. Every…

The nutritional benefits of butternut squash

Produce spotlight: The nutritional benefits of butternut squash

| Nutrition | 94 Comments

Fall is right around the corner, which has me craving all things pumpkin. I love the upcoming season because it usually means cooler weather (which here in FL is never…


Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

| Nutrition, Recipes, Sweet Treats | 55 Comments

This past week, I decided to put an end to my mindless grazing in the break room by creating a good-for-me treat I can indulge in at home, work, etc. when I am craving a little something sweet. This recipe for Chocolate Avocado Pudding will satisfy your inner cravings and leave you feeling full and energized. Now, don’t expect it to replace the pudding you know best that can be found at your local restaurant’s salad bar. It’s healthy and it tastes healthy, but it also tastes chocolaty, rich, and creamy. Get the recipe, here.

three favorite things that have helped me in my journey towards healthier living

Friday Favorites: 3 Things I’m Loving in my Pursuit of Healthy Living

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It’s my birthday tomorrow, so how about we celebrate with a little edition of Friday favorites? This past year, I have been focused on changing my daily habits as I…


Seven Guidelines for Clean Eating

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 123 Comments

You’ve heard me throw around the phrase “clean eating” a few times. So, what exactly is clean eating? And is it just another diet that will leave me feeling like a failure because I can’t keep up with the “rules” and restrictions? Learn what clean eating is and is not, plus seven guidelines to follow in your pursuit towards clean eating, here. 


How to Get That Healthy Summer Glow All Year Long

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Hi Friends! Today I am guest posting for Sami over at BeMindfulYoureCreative on how to get that healthy summer glow all year long. Have you ever heard that saying, “You are…

essential kitchen tools

5 Essential Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

| Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes | 89 Comments

It’s no secret that I love to cook. I am known among friends and family to be somewhat of a “healthy foodie” because of my love for experimenting in the…

tropical green smoothie recipe

Lime in the Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe

| Nutrition, Recipes, Smoothies & Drinks | 54 Comments

This recipe was originally posted in May 2014 I love my green smoothies and have one almost every day. Whether I make a smoothie in the morning (after a cup or…

avocado toast four different ways

4 Ways to Take Your Avocado Toast up a Notch

| Breakfast, Nutrition, Recipes, Snacks | 28 Comments

I know what you’re thinking; not another post on avocado toast! But friends, let me tell you, avocado toast is my jam and it’s here to stay in our household….


Tips for Drinking More Water Throughout the Day

| Nutrition | 26 Comments

During the summer, it is especially important to be getting an adequate amount of water in your diet for optimal health and functioning of the body. Yet despite knowing this, it is still a struggle for me! In the post are tips on how to stay hydrated throughout the day, including a few of my favorite flavored water combinations!


How to Get the Recommended Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

| My Journey, Nutrition | 2 Comments

I don’t know about you, but the thought of needing to get approximately 5 cups of fruits and vegetables in a day can sometimes seem nearly impossible. Despite the challenges of getting the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables per day, it is always a top priority for me in my larger pursuit of healthy living. Read more to learn how I ensure I get the optimal amount of fruits and vegetables every day, even when traveling or amidst a crazy, busy day. 


4 Delicious and Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes You’ll Love

| Breakfast, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes, Smoothies & Drinks | 2 Comments

With summer in full-force and temps at an all-time high, my blender is always out and ready to whip up a smoothie on a moments notice. Smoothie bowls have become all the rage among health enthusiasts because they are simple to make and a sure way to get a variety of nutrients in every, errr, slurp. There’s just something about eating a smoothie from a bowl that is even more satisfying and delicious than the traditional cup and straw. I’ve rounded up four of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes for you to try. See the recipes, here. 


Today is National Donut Day. Let’s celebrate!

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Friends, it’s National Donut Day. And yes, it’s a real thing that people celebrate, because who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge in one of the most loved and delectable baked goods there is to offer? Instead of hitting up one of your local donut stores for a freebie today, bake your own at home for a fun and easy treat everyone can enjoy! Read more, here.


Are KIND bars healthy? Tips for choosing a nutritious snack bar.

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I carry snacks with me whenever I’m on the go, especially when I travel. Usually my stash includes a mountain of snack bars because they are easy to carry, mess-free, and can offer a well-rounded nutritious energy boost that will keep me satisfied to my next meal. One of my favorite snack bars are KIND bars because of their whole foods ingredient list and because of their yummy taste. You can find these bars just about anywhere – the gas station, the checkout counter of your local coffee shop, and the airport. Read more, here.

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Is coconut oil as healthy as it’s claimed to be?

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Recently named a super food of 2014 by many health enthusiasts, coconut oil seems to be a remedy for just about anything. Dewy skin? Check. Shiny Hair? Check. A boost in brain health? Check. Whiter teeth? Check. You mean you haven’t heard of “oil pulling” – a process that requires you to swish oil in your mouth for 20 minutes? I can’t say this didn’t intrigue me for a split second. But are all of these claimed benefits of coconut oil too good to be true? Learn more in this post, here.

Savory butternut squash turkey chili recipe

Savory Butternut Squash Turkey Chili Recipe

| Mains, Nutrition, Recipes | 4 Comments

With the coolness in the air lately, I can get by with making more soups and stews for dinner than when we are in the thick of Florida heat. If it were up to me, I would live off of soups all year, even if it means turning down the A/C to enjoy it, but the hubs is not as big of a fan. In our efforts to pursue clean eating, I’ve been trying to incorporate at least one big pot of soup in our weekly meal plan and have loved playing around with all of the different flavors that can make up a delicious soup! The other night, I hit the soup jackpot and couldn’t wait to share the recipe with you all! Get the recipe, here.


The Nutritious Benefits of Chia Seeds and Recipe: Chia Seed Pudding

| Nutrition, Recipes, Snacks, Sweet Treats | 3 Comments

I remember when I first heard about chia seeds as a food trend, I was a little concerned. For all I knew, chia seeds were meant for one purpose – to grow those furry things that many of us were fascinated with in grade school, also known as “chia pets.” But as more and more health experts buy into the benefits of chia seeds, this trend has respectively maintained its spot at the top of the food trend list for several years now. In fact, it seems to be a trend that is continually growing, as foodies and nutrition experts continually look for new ways to incorporate chia seeds into their diet. Learn more about the nutritious benefits of chia seeds, here.


Why Runners (and Those Who Engage in Regular Activity) Can’t Eat Whatever They Want

| Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 3 Comments

How many times have you heard someone say, “I __________ so I can eat?” I’ve heard it numerous times, and I’ve even seen this infamous slogan on t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, you name it. I admit – I’m even guilty of believing it, too. When I was in high school, I would stop by 7-eleven most afternoons after cross country practice and get a Cuban sandwich on the way home (what can I say, they were delightful!). I know I’m not the only one. Many people use the day’s run, spin class, or exercise class as an excuse to indulge in a luscious piece of moist chocolate cake, an extra glass of wine, or the choice of Alfredo sauce over a light tomato sauce. Learn more, here.

tropical green smoothie recipe

Smoothie Recipe: Lime in the Coconut

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Can you tell I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately? Aside from a cup (or two) of coffee, my morning smoothie routine really helps get me going, leaving me feeling refreshed and ready to get the day started. And knowing that all of the ingredients are already waiting for me in their own little Ziploc bags in the freezer makes it that much easier. Read on to get the recipe!

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

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We’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but is that really true? Well, maybe that and six more servings of fruits and vegetables, according to a new study. Sometimes, it can be hard to fit that many fruits and veggies into your daily diet. But what if I told you an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption was tied to a lower risk of death, especially relating to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Then would you make it a priority? Read more, here.


Smoothie Packs and Recipe: Dance to the Beet

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Sometimes I can sense that I’m not going to get enough fruits and vegetables in a day given my schedule, so I often opt to start my morning with my latest fruit and vegetable smoothie/juice concoction. Beginning my day with a glass full of vitamins and nutrients leaves me feeling more energized and ready to tackle anything that’s thrown my way. Okay, maybe that’s a little far-fetched, but it does leave me feeling like I have a head start in the nutrition department for the day. Read more to learn how to make your own smoothie packs, plus a recipe for a delicious smoothie!