The “Why” behind the “What”

My passion for nutrition and wellness, along with my mission to help people see the potential for transformation within themselves is the driving force of the “why” behind the “what”. This transformation occurs when I work with clients to guide them towards reaching their health goals through accountability, encouragement and goal setting.

I know that for many, the starting place can be a vulnerable place to be, and I am honored to become a part of my clients’ journey as we work together towards greater confidence, increased energy and a brighter life. I often say, “once a part of the community, always a part of the community” and I approach each client as a valuable part of my expanding community!

Here are what some of my past and current clients are saying:

“I had found myself very frustrated in my journey towards better health. I had every book you could buy on eating healthy and changing your life, but nothing was clicking with me. I happened to find Carly when I wasn’t looking, and as most things you find when you aren’t looking they are life changing.  Carly is 100% dedicated to you as a health coach. She is by your side step-by-step to guide you in the right direction. She is tough on you when she needs to be, which I appreciate, and I can hear her saying, ‘eat more greens’!  Carly shows you how you can apply healthy choices to achieve the positive changes you desire for your life. I am now on a life-long journey of health one step at a time. I highly recommend working with Carly. She has given me hope for a healthy life when I thought all hope had been lost.” -Leslie

balsamic glazed brussels sprouts

“I met Carly at the perfect time. My husband went in for his annual well visit. Two weeks later with the blood results in hand, his doctor told him the grim news. Start eating right or he will have some very hard years ahead!

First of all, Carly met with me to determine what would best meet my goals and needs. As a mother of three, I wanted ideas and changes in our eating that the whole family could embrace. From our initial meeting, Carly customized a plan specific for us.

Overall I believe that our family is eating much healthier and paying attention to what we are eating. We’ve incorporated new breakfast items like yogurt and homemade granola and delicious smoothies. Working with Carly is fun and I believe she is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend Carly for anyone who’s looking to make some healthy and lasting changes to their diet!” –Catherine

“Carly Ferguson is amazing! We have met over the past few months and it has been incredible. Carly has the gift of “normalizing” healthy living. Understanding that we can’t do it perfectly, Carly offers grace and encouragement every step of the way. Carly’s program is so helpful and easy to follow. I am so grateful for Carly and her passion to help people like myself. Thank you, Carly!” –Theresa

Are you in need of transformation in your own life, whether it be the desire for greater self-confidence, the need for more energy, or the ability to keep up with the demands of life?

Please send me a note! I would love to hear from you and schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you transform into who you want to become.

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